Selasa, 24 Juni 2014

truthful say

"Am I fat?" Don't even start with me. I theory with the purpose of dreadful lose-lose question was a part of history! "Do these jeans knock together my handle look important?" - "No hunny, your handle makes individuals pants look big". Why prepare women still be firm on puting men in this ridiculus job? And it isn't as though we can truthful say "I rubbish to answer", as at that moment you came up with "Geez, you don't even concern a propos how i feel". Wow.

Look ladies, guys arent the barely ones with eyes. You know truthful as well as us if something makes your handle look fat. This is me, making a call instead of all guys not in in attendance - DON'T ASK US THAT! Instead, try something like "aw, I'm fat", so with the purpose of we can be as long as back and tell you with the purpose of you are not. This way, one and all wins. Your cheery, we're cheery, and the divorce rate drops 10 fold.

Moving healthy along. Ladies, if you are plump, prepare something! Don't complain, truthful grasp free of the surfeit. There are tons and tons of ways to lose stress, so pick solitary! This is solitary more of individuals win-win situations. After you lose a quantity of stress, your cheery, we're cheery, and Jenny Craig is wealthy.

So lets go through... No asking us if your fat.... No complaining if you ARE plump (And if you are, chose from solitary of the million ways to lose weight)..... And gain a cheery relashionship! Look, the majority guys truthful need to gain fun. We undoubtedly don't like fighting, and girls shouldnt either, so lets grasp along, classified ad remember everything you read now in our day!

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